Personally I commend that this girl didnt ride the cock carousel like so many of her sisters. There is no telling what VK told her in his drunken stupor to make her want to give it up… Maybe she lied, maybe at the later age of 28 she finally decides to ride the carousel and VK just happened to be #2 [right place, right time]. Without details we will never know, but this is not why I attack this article.

It seems the predominant train of thought is women screw themselves by riding the cock carousel while they are young and attractive and not settling with beta providers who are willing to stay with them as they lose their most valuable assets (looks). I agree: One woman said it best, “You dont need to try on a bunch of shoes to know a good pair when you see them.”

VK finds one (rare) American girl who doesnt ride the carousel and busts on her for not doing so… In this situation it seems you cant win no matter what you do.

Maybe Im missing a bigger picture here. If so I sincerely apologize, But regardless of the nature of women, you got to give one credit when she does the right thing…

VK on July 1, 2011 1:48 pm

Yeah you’re missing something read again.
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